Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy describes how the personal information collected from yourself, is used, collected, and shared when you use the Boop & Floof website and when you make a purchase through Boop and Floof.

Your personal information

Technology is used to accumulate specific information, this includes things such as web beacons, log files and cookies. You can view all information relating to cookies at the following website The log files used record the actions that occur on the Boop & Floof website, they accumulate data such as your browser type, the IP address, your service provider, your time zone and date and time stamps as well as the referral and exit pages. This information is your ‘Device Information’.

When you use the Boop & Floof website, specific information is immediately and automatically accumulated from you and the device you are using. Information collected includes, information about the web browser, your time zone, your IP address and information about the installed cookies on your device. We also accumulate information about what you view on the website and how you interact with the website.

When making a purchase from the Boop & Floof website, we require to collect specific information from you, as a buyer. This includes information such as your name, shipping and billing address, your payment information, your phone number and email address. We also require specific information about your pet. This information is your ‘Account Information’.

Boop & Floof do not store your payment information details, any financial details is not shared with any 3rd parties.

European residents have the right to access the information provided in the ‘Your Account’ section, that Boop & Floof hold. You have the right to change your personal information, have it deleted, update or correct it. You can do this by contacting Boop & Floof via the ‘Contact Us’ section.

How your personal information is used by Boop & Floof

Your account information is used to complete any order placed through the Boop & Floof website. This is required and used to process your payments so Boop & Floof can put in place the delivery and invoicing.

We use the information you provide through ‘Your Account’ to contact you regarding your subscription if necessary.

We use the information you provide through ‘Your Account’ to contact you regarding any information, discounts, services or products if you have selected so through your preferences or subscribed to the Boop & Floof newsletter.

We use the information you provide through ‘Your Account’ and from ‘Your Device’ to protect Boop & Floof and possibly become aware of any potential fraud or risk. Your IP address is used for this as well as optimizing and improving the Boop & Floof website. This is done by using the information accumulated by what you visit on the website and how you interact with the website as previously mentioned.
We do not change the Boop & Floof’s website data collection or uses if there is a DO NOT TRACK (DNT) signal from your web browser.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may get updated, at any time for any reason. This could be due to changes in law, operational requirements or changes to Boop and Floof’s practices.

Please contact Boop & Floof if you require any information or details about the Privacy Policy above. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not understand any element of the Privacy Policy above. If you have any complaints, please email us or fill out the ‘Contact Us’ section on the Boop & Floof website. You can also send letters to the following address:
63 Trafalgar Streets, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13HW